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Performance management software & performance Appraisal Module plays a vital role in enabling companies to automated performance management system and simplify their employees’ performance appraisal process and creates an appraisal cycle/flow either department-wise or business-unit-wise based on the company’s policies.

Review periods, business/departmental objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined as per the requirements and an automatic increment scale for outperforming employees can be set. Managers can conduct periodical Performance reviews, track progress effortlessly and provide feedback across the period besides evaluating performance at the end of every period in sync with the Training module.

It provides comprehensive reporting to the top management about the overall performance of every single individual and departments, the module is designed to determine and minimize performance problems and increase performances in organizations


  • Automatically design your Performance Appraisal forms through a powerful template designer
  • A highly functional, unbiased and cloud-based Appraisal module evaluates based on employees’ total achievement
  • Flexible and user-defined objectives/key performance indicators (KPIs) setups and grouping
  • Generate various questionnaire templates for evaluation of either managerial or non-managerial staff
  • Rate & review performance through various raters and reviewers
  • Set customizable increment and Appraisal scoring policy
  • 360-degree employee evaluation
  • Generate various Appraisal reports


What are the 3 types of performance management system?

The 3 types of Organizational Performance management system are:

  1. The balance scorecard
  2. Management by objectives
  3. Budget driven business plan

What are the purposes of a performance management system?

  1. Feedback mechanism
  2. Development concern
  3. Documentation concern
  4. Employment decisions
  5. Diagnosis of organizational problems

What are the key elements of performance management?

  • Performance
  • Outcomes
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

What are the benefits of performance management?

Switch1ing to a performance management system can make the existing processes much more efficient with several other benefits including:

  1. Better consistency across the performance management process
  2. Explains fairly which employees are doing better and where does the gap lies.
  3. Analyze the effectiveness of a training program
  4. Increased motivation and morale of employees
  5. Saves time
  6. Better employee retention

What are the principles of effective performance management?

The basic principles of an effective Performance management are:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives
  • Maintain two-way communication
  • Performance analysis with rewards
  • Select appropriate tools to asses performance
  • Be specific about the objectives and make them realistic.

What is performance management process?

Performance Management Process is to identify, encourage, evaluate, motivate, reward, and improve the performance of the employees at work. This process helps individuals to reach their desired goals, taking the vision of the company forward.

What are the challenges of performance management?

  • Unstructured system built that is ineffective to have a check on the performance management.
  • Wrong selection of employer goals
  • Barriers in communications
  • Evaluating the performance annually, rather than on everyday basis
  • No employee recognition or rewards

How can you improve performance management?

  • Set clear goals and objectives
  • Invest in performance management training
  • Invest in a good Performance Management Software; FlowHCM is the best option to use.
  • Emphasize on feedback and better communication


  • IT Sector
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Restaurant Industries
  • Media Industries
  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • Customer Service

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