Top HR & Payroll Management System in Pakistan

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What is HR and Payroll Software?

A good Payroll and HR Software incorporates all essential features that would help in the company’s growth. It provides a one window solution that simplifies and amplifies the growth of the firm and takes accurate care of your company’s payroll processing and all HR processes. It tackles all human resources related issues and automates them such as; time and attendance management, talent management, employee management, leave management, performance management, recruitment/hiring issues, training management, expense management, HR letters management and reporting, etc.  This way the resources you hire can focus more on the work to show the best of their ability and thereby saving time and cost both.

What Does Payroll Systems Do?

The Payroll system FlowHCM offers and manages everything. Whether it’s having to do with the process of paying employees or tracking worked hours and their recording, calculating salaries & taxes, and other deductions as per policies of the firm/government. Thus FlowHCM Payroll system is fully equipped with these features that benefit any small or large enterprises.

Why Should Small Businesses Acquire Payroll Processing/HCM Software?

It’s not small or large, it’s all about growth. Every firm looks forward to a tangible and reliable HR solution that can help them grow and help to monitor their resources working and calculate their efficiency that has an overall impact on firm’s growth.

With FlowHCM payroll and HR software, companies can plan, analyze and forecast the future HR trends besides they can increase organizational and HR efficiency and capacity. It provides HR Analytics and maximizes the productivity to meet your HR needs and helps diverse users towards beneficial decision making while better understanding of HR requirements with improved planning.

How to Choose Payroll Management/HR Software for Your Business Needs?

Choose wisely and understand the nature of your business needs first. There are many HR software solutions available in the market that claim to be the best Payroll management software and best HR management system, however, it’s important that it should fulfill all today’s’ needs of HRM and HCM. The system should be compatible and flexible. It should understand the relevance of selection and Talent Acquisition, the importance of training, and staff evaluation in a single cloud platform. A robust HRM (HR Management) software is mandatory for SME’s to large companies and for all those smart entrepreneurs who wish to enhance growth, manage the proper workforce, monitor resources and maintain track records with proper reporting.

Benefits of Payroll Processing/HR Software

To save time & cost with improved resource efficiency, many businesses from SME’s to large firms now choose to use payroll software and HR Management system over manual working. It helps in providing accurate data and analysis in a secure and easily accessible way that simplifies the calculation of salary and deduction process, generates proper payslips, and calculates holidays, expenses, bonuses in a lesser and short time. It automates many tasks such as year-end reporting and reduces the burden of compliance too. It also helps in the taxation process where applicable.

Attendance Management linked with Payroll:

It makes linkage of payroll with biometric time & attendance machine and maintains proper attendance records and simplifies the payroll calculations. From a sign in to sign out, early leave to late arrival, overtime and leave records; it maintains all.


The software generates on-time reports by using basic payroll data which is properly integrated with time & attendance machine/biometric system that calculates worked hours and data accurately. The report gives a complete overview of staff working and a deep analysis of their efficiency and value they serve for the company.

Managing Records:

Most firms manage and record all data of an employee to keep them updated and help the smooth transition of everyday working.  From Records of annual leaves to late working and early leaves, absent marking and short leaves, the Payroll/HCM system offers one window solution to record all types of additional information and saves cost in order to have a separate software package for this purpose.

Future Forecast and budgeting:

Our HRM system (FlowHCM) helps to forecast as it analyzes the efficiency and productivity of human capital.

It helps to plan budgets and staff costs thereby understanding the cost incurred of an employee and also helping firms for their overall HR, staffing, and budgeting evaluation.

From Hiring to retirement FlowHCM manages everything, a one window solution in company’s growth.

Now manage your HCM and HRM more effectively, with a more individualized user experience that is engaging, friendly yet immersive with detailed dashboards, standardized reports, data analysis, and records thereby helping firms with deeper analytics and scaling of their businesses.

With fast-tracking and recording, comprehensive features and powerful HR solution, cutting-edge framework, flexible and user friendly UI and theme, with BI (Business intelligence) and AI (Artificial intelligence) based cross-platform, meeting all HR challenges; FlowHCM is smart and reliable HRM/HCM software for all companies.

Built on the latest AngularJS technology, FlowHCM is innovative and this advanced HRM system covers all aspects of human capital. From core to complex working, planning and solution of HR and Payroll for any enterprise, it meets all challenges of human capital management of today’s era for any organization, irrespective of size, geography, and sector or industry.

FlowHCM is helping companies drive high-end organizational goals, increase workforce efficiency, leverage strategic investments, future HR planning, and business execution with proper direction.