FlowHCM Features


Wanna keeps track your employees' hours ? A comprehensive and integrated time management module enables employees to record their arrival, departure, lunch break in and out and additional break in and out and provides managers with detailed information about attendance records, absenteeism, overtime etc.

FlowHCM offers seamless integration with most biometrics devices, making it easy for you to use your existing finger scan / card reader device to capture your attendance data and migrate it into Flow HCM.


Reason is the first thing we wanted to know on leave request of employee. FlowHCM is a complete solution to keep a track on leave history include annual & sick leaves. Leaves / Paid Time Off (PTO) / Vacations is a crucial component of HR. Organizations and companies struggle for hours in finding the total number of leaves an employee has taken, to calculate his monthly salary and deduct any amount if necessary.

Leaves module in FlowHCM is highly customizable based on your company's policies.


No matter how big and complex is your payroll process, FlowHCM make it ready on a Single Click with all your rules and regulations. It’s a power to generate payroll and payments on a single click with complete history, create maintain and manage allowances, deductions. overtime, bonus and various kinds of funds. loans, gratuity and etc. It’s also provide typical calculations, you ever wanted.

The solution is comprehensive, simple to use and cost effective. It eliminates the hassle of manual payroll calculations and enables payroll generation centrally for multiple branches/locations within the company.

Payroll module in FlowHCM is highly customizable based on your company's policies.


A full-cycle, end-to-end recruiting solution that integrates with self-service interface and e-recruitment to give managers, recruiters, and candidates the ability to track every phase of finding, recruiting, hiring, and tracking new employees.

Manage job vacancies, search for candidates, manage the interview process, and extend recruiting functionality to managers.

Continuously improve recruiting strategies by measuring the performance and tenure of hired candidates, leveraging results to modify assessments or the hiring process for specific job categories.

Candidates can maintain profiles, search for jobs, refer jobs to colleagues, follow the recruitment process, and more.


Employee performance management with FlowHCM helps you to plan, assess, improve, and analyze the performance of your workforce from end to end. You can align individual objectives with corporate goals by cascading your enterprise strategy; assess and manage performance through feedback, development, and appraisals; and reward your employees accordingly. The solution is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor both the content of your performance feedback documents and processes to the needs of your organization.

360 degree feedback, also known as “multi-rater feedback”, is the most comprehensive appraisal where the feedback about the employees’ performance comes from all the sources that come in contact with the employee on his job.

360 degree respondents for an employee can be his/her peers, managers (i.e. superior), subordinates, team member.

Employees Self Service

Employees have access to their own payslips anywhere, anytime. No more need to print!
Employees will be able to apply for leave and view their leave allowance via their own log-in.
Employees will be able to review all their personal information and request for changes if there’s a required change.

FlowHCM is a multi-user role based system, where you can create any number of users and allow them particular access based on their role in the company.

Employees can put their attendance, apply for a leave request for travel authorization, submit a reimbursement request and even submit their resignation online.FlowHCM has your complete HR needs covered under one platform.

Extensive Reports

Generating reports instantaneously is just one of the many ways our HR system helps you take control of HR admin. Helping you focus on the information you need with filters, FlowHCM simplifies reports so that you can spot important trends and take action.

FlowHCM has a comprehensive reports library giving you the reports and you need to spot trends.Reports can be filtered to show only the information you need to see.

Generating reports from our reports library enables you to spot trends before they take hold and to share management information across your business.

Dynamic HR Dashboards

FlowHCM gives a visual display of company's most important HR metrics on a single screen, making it easy to the top management and HR department to take key decisions through Dynamic Dashboard.